November 15, 2021

Fantastic Operation

"These folks are what a company should be. I had a broken window pane in one of my double hung panels and they ordered the glass and I had them install it when it came in. The experience along the way is what stands out. A couple times guys from the shop were up front and they were immediately helpful with getting my problem addressed, figuring out the glass to order, and coaching me along. The office staff was to a person cheerful and down to earth, personable and professional at the same time. You 'd have to really be trying hard not to get along with these people! And the pricing was very reasonable, it cost me a lot less to have them address my problem vs. buying a new sash. Thanks Greene Glass!! Marty"
November 15, 2021

"professional, fast and super friendly, and great price!"
January 24, 2021

"I had an issue with my older windows. They squeezed me in and they fixed the problem at no cost. This is customer service that will always bring me back."
October 27, 2020

"5 stars"
January 22, 2020

"Had a broken stationary window that needed repair. They ordered, installed, and even billed AFTERWARDS....what a nice throwback in which customer service came first!"